Sunday, May 22, 2016

IHSW Bust...

The best laid plans as they say... get trashed.  I was going to give my computer it's 3 year cleaning Thursday night but it turned into a total gut job cleaning.  Those with an electronics degree know what I mean, for those who don't I've got snaps.

You maybe wondering now why would this stop me from stitching?  The answer is my white sewing/craft table is currently covered with said gutted computer and before I can start my HAED project the fabric's edges need to be sewn and gridded on the table in question.

Right now I'm posting this update from a 15 year old HP netbook running windows 10 which I hate, but that's another story, and it's running slower then frozen maple syrup in winter.  So I will end this by saying I'll try to have some stitchy news sometime next week.

Slow as a snail stitcher....

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Bea said...

Bummer! But a necessary evil. Hopefully your needle is flying now.

Kaisievic said...

Never mind, Jan, I hope that all is sorted now.