Thursday, May 19, 2016

Happy Stash Fulfillment Week!

Finally after weeks of waiting things started showing up in the mail this week.   On Monday my evenweave Addicts Box came in from HAED, here's a snap with a list of the goodies that came with it.

Woodland Guardian MC by Anne Stokes
Lincoln 14ct. Zweigart (summer khaki)
HAED fridge magnet
Bees wax house
Pink stone stitch markers w/ bag
Ship's manor cotton floss limited ed. (Cupid)
Valdani #12 pearl cotton (Distant Mauve - Med.)

Thankfully I added a note to my wish list on HAED so I got the chart I really wanted.  The rest of the stuff is OK, but I really hate the fabric they sent.  Khaki is so blawh and the stitch count being 14 I'll never use it.  On the other hand I love the ship's manor floss; it reminds me of cotton candy or sherbet ice cream.  This was a one shot for me; I doubt I'll ever spend my money on another surprise box.
Today my long awaited floss kit came from HAED along with a couple other goodies I got as well - A Stitch In Time/HAED mouse pad and a package of 5 John James Petite Size 28 Tapestry Needles. 
Plus a couple of unexpected gifts! - A glass bead needle threader and a wooden needle holder/tube.

A few other things that have come in the mail since May 1st -  A grime guard by StormbornBoutique for my 17x17 q-snap, two packages of  Easy-Count Guideline by, one Mageyes hands free magnifier, and my 1yd x 1yd 7in fabric for my HAED chart "A Stitch In Time by Aimee Stewart".


Tomorrow I start surging the edges and gridding the fabric, hopefully I'll put in some x-stitches over the weekend for IHSW.

Slow as a snail stitcher....

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diamondc said...

Oh my look at all the goodies.


kathysnest32 said...

I love to get things in the mail. Makes me feel like it is Christmas.
Kathleen Mary
I blog at

Lady Stitch-a-Lot said...

So many lovely goodies ;-) I am sorry to hear that you are not that happy, but I know what you mean. Shipping to Europe was almost as expensive as the box itself, so I didn't order one in case I got things I couldn't use (like 14ct fabric...). I think they plan on setting up an option to choose the count now and since they changed the packaging to reduce the shipping costs, I might order a box after all. I have seen a lot of great pics with the hand dyed fabrics in the box ;-)

The colors in your kit look amazing, I am very excited to see your start. I have a similar magnifier, it took a while to get used to and I need the right distance for it to focus, but it's a real help =)